President, Richard G. Johnson Co., L.P.A., 1990–Present; Overall Practice Concentrated in Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility as well as Judicial Ethics & Conduct Issues; Litigation & Trial Practice Limited to Plaintiff’s Legal & Sports Agent Malpractice and Related Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Issues; College Athlete Rights Advocate


Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (Charter Member); Ameri-can (Center for Professional Responsibility), Ohio State, and Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Associations; Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys; Cleveland Law Library Association (Board of Trustees).


Ohio (1990); United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio (1991); United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth (1991) and Ninth (2015) Circuits; United States Supreme Court (1994).


Life Member, Judicial Conference, Eighth Appellate Judicial District of Ohio.


  • Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law, Case Western Reserve University, J.D., awarded May 1990. CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW, Articles Editor, Volume 40, Associate Editor, Volume 39.
  • Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, M.B.A. awarded August 1987 (banking and finance).
  • Western Reserve College, Case Western Reserve University, B.A. awarded May 1986 (political science), Dean’s Honor List, Western Reserve Scholar.
  • Hawken School, Class of 1982.


Million Dollar Advocates Forum; Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

INSTITUTES American Law Institute:

  • Members Consultative Group: Restatement of the Law: Charitable Non-profit Organizations;
  • Members Consultative Group: Restatement of the Law: Liability Insurance;
  • Members Consultative Group: Restatement, Third, Torts: Liability for Economic Harm;
  • Members Consultative Group: Principles of the Law of Compliance, Enforcement & Risk Management;
  • Members Consultative Group: Principles of the Law of Government Ethics;
  • Members Consultative Group: Principles of the Law of Policing;
  • Members Consultative Group: Project on Sexual & Gender-based Misconduct on Campus; and
  • Members Consultative Group: Model Penal Code: Sexual Assault & Relat-ed Offenses.


  • Member, Board of Trustees of the Cleveland Law Library Association, 2017– Present.
  • Member, Executive Board, College Sports Research Institute at the University of South Carolina, 2016–Present.
  • Grand Jury Foreman, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, September 2012 Term.
  • Member, Publications Board, Center for Professional Responsibility, Ameri-can Bar Association, 1996–2009.
  • Member, Legal Ethics & Professional Conduct Committee, Ohio State Bar Association, 1991–2006:
  • Trial Co-Counsel for Relator, Ohio State Bar Ass'n v. Kanter, 86 Ohio St. 3d 554, 715 N.E.2d 1140 (1999) (one of the three Glidden kick-back cases);
  • Chairman, Subcommittee to Review the Report of the Committee to Review Ohio's Disciplinary Process ("Bell Commission Report") in Light of the ABA's McKay Report, 1996–97;
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Lawyer Referral Services, 1992–94.
  • Member, Ethics Committee, Cuyahoga County Bar Association (Inquiry Review Subcommittee), 1991–1998.


  • Oliver v. NCAA, 2008-Ohio-7143, 155 Ohio Misc. 2d 8, 920 N.E.2d 196 (Erie Cty., Ohio Ct. Common Pleas 2008) [Oliver I]; 2008-Ohio-7144, 155 Ohio Misc. 2d 1, 920 N.E.2d 190 (Erie Cty., Ohio Ct. Common Pleas 2008) [Oliver II]; and 2009-Ohio-6587, 155 Ohio Misc. 2d 17, 920 N.E.2d 203 (Erie Cty., Ohio Ct. Common Pleas 2009) [Oliver III].
  • Jones v. Burnside, cert. denied, 549 U.S. 883, reh'g denied, 549 U.S. 1027 (2006).


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  • Richard G. Johnson, Attorneys’ Fees and D.R. 2-107 Revisited, 4:2 OHIO TRIAL 17 (Spring 1993).
  • Monthly Column in the Daily Legal News and Cleveland Reporter: Lawyers’ Forum on Professional Responsibility, 1994–95.


  • GEORGENE M. VAIRO & RICHARD G. JOHNSON, RULE 11 SANCTIONS (3rd ed. Supp. 2019), forthcoming.


  • Contributor to Sports Law Blog, June 2013– February 2019.


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Featured or quoted in the Atlantic Magazine, Forbes Magazine, the New York Times, Sports Business Journal, Vice Sports, The Wall Street Journal, various law reviews, dozens of daily papers, and hundreds of sports blogs on issues related to college athlete rights, and NCAA governance. Partial subjects of the following books: JOE NOCERA, INDENTURED: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE REBELLION AGAINST THE NCAA (with Ben Strauss) (Penguin Random House 2016); and TAYLOR BRANCH, THE CARTEL: INSIDE THE RISE AND IMMINENT FALL OF THE NCAA (Am-azon 2011) (an expansion of his seminal article, The Shame of College Sports, The ATLANTIC MAG. 80 (Oct. 2011).


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  • ETHICS LUNCHEON SERIES: The Ten Dumbest Things Lawyers Do, Oct. 12, 2000, Youngstown, Ohio, Mahoning County Bar Association.
  • CURRENT ISSUES IN THE AREA OF ETHICS AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE: The Snitch Rule: The Scope of an Attorney’s Obligation to Report the Ethical Violations of Members of the Bar, Dec. 13, 1991, Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga County Bar Association.